Top Sites for Selling Your Beauty Products Online

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Online marketplaces have been offering many advantages to small retailers such as the ability to reach diverse and new customer bases. However, not all markets are created equally. Some sites have become invaluable resources for sellers, although others levy fees. If you would like to sell cosmetics online, here are popular online marketplaces you can consider.

·       Amazon

Amazon is an ideal online retailer, one of the first places you should consider when you want to sell products via the internet. Other than offering a wide reach for getting potential customers, this platform provides an easy to use platform for selling for various product categories such as beauty.

Unless you opt to have your beauty products stored on Amazon, you will not be expected to pay fees until your items sell. Immediately the products are bought, Amazon Payments collect the per-item minimum referral fee or the referral fee percentage, depending on the higher too. A retailer who sells hobby, niche or refurbished goods succeeds in this platform because they do not compete with the Amazon’s sales offerings.

·       eBay

eBay is another long-standing and familiar online marketplace you can sell cosmetics. While almost any product can be worth on their pages, sellers who offer branded or rare items do well on this platform. eBay charges a 10 % fee of the sale value for sales that don’t exceed $750. In case you would like to post over 50 items each month, you will have an insertion fee of $0.30 for each item.

Moreover, eBay is suitable for business people who have a lot of international customers. Using the Global Shipping Program, entrepreneurs can send their products to the eBay warehouse. Once sold, the company fills out the customs forms as required and sends the products to the clients.

·       Shopify

This platform allows users to come up with their online stores so they can sell a wide range of goods in different categories.  One reason you should consider Shopify is that they allow sellers to design their preferred professional storefronts using over 100 cosmetics website templates. This way, they get to save on developmental costs without changing the website quality. What’s more, Shopify features an inbuilt analytics suite that allows sellers to evaluate their weaknesses and strengths.


If you choose to sell cosmetics via Shopify, you will be subjected to monthly plans that range from $ 9-$ 179. They also offer a bonus whereby certain plans allow entrepreneurs to market their products across multiple channels, and provide accounting tools.