The Best Third-Party Services You Can Use to Sell Electronics Online in 2018

Sell Electronics Online in 2018

The great thing about electronics is the fact that pretty much everyone uses them and that means that everyone will have to buy some kind of electronic device at some point. This opens a path for people that want to start a business in this field, or simply get some extra money by selling things that they already have laying around the house. Selling online can be a challenge, but the key is to find the right marketplace for you and in this article we will give you three options that you should consider when you want to sell electronics online in 2018.

Facebook and Instagram

Something that a lot of people don’t realize is that using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is actually a great idea when you want to sell pretty much anything online. Just think about all of the times that you saw an ad about an online store while scrolling your profile and you’ll see that they do actually work. The great thing about social media sites is the fact that you are able to reach a lot of people and all you would have to do is join a Facebook group, or create your own Facebook group or Instagram profile where you will be showcasing the products that you want to sell.


This is a marketplace that hasn’t been around for that long, but we decided to include it because of how easy their website is in terms of browse-ability. You can think of this site the Pinterest only this site is made to showcase secondhand goods, which is perfect if you want to sell electronics online. This site is especially good if you are only interested in selling locally and the best part is that the site is completely free for the sellers and the buyers and that makes it a great starting point for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of money to kick-start a business. When you post a product you can mark the price of it as “negotiable” and that way you will be able to choose the buyer that offers the best price.


There probably isn’t a person out there that hasn’t heard of eBay, even if they have never shopped on the site. This is one of the biggest online marketplaces out there and is second in sales in the world only to Amazon. When you go on the website you create your own online store on the marketplace and post your items there. The site works on an auction format, which can sometimes be a bit of a problem, however you can navigate that by setting the lowest price that you would accept for the item in question. The one thing that you need to be wary of is that eBay does take a percentage of the profits from every sale, so definitely calculate that in the price point for the items.

Finding the right place where you can sell electronics online is very important. This will dictate the amount of customers that you can get as well as the amount of money that you can make, so the best thing that you can do is look at all of the pros and cons of each marketplace and see which one fits your needs the best before you make a decision.